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Rabenhorst Funeral Homes maintains this on-line list of current prices as a way to help you understand all funeral costs for the options you choose. By selecting your personal choices from these items, you will receive a printed estimate with line-item costs and a price total.  If you would also like to veiw a current general price list for many of our services, please click here.

Creating an Account with your e-mail address can save your plan of final directives online and be printed from a pdf. If you would like to compare pricing of different types of funeral services, you will need to zero out the items in My Selections and then press “Update Quantities.” You may then select items particular to another type of funeral service.
Prices could change over time, but are valid for current pricing considerations and to estimate the financing of a pre-arranged funeral with life insurance. Not included in our on-line selection room prices are taxes applied to merchandise purchases. The sales tax is not applied to our staff, services and facilities items. Other out-of-pocket expenses are not listed—such as fees for police escorts, newspaper notices and death certificates.

Rabenhorst Funeral Homes welcomes price comparisons. Don’t be fooled by “special packages offering discounts,” and “bundles.” Compare apples to apples, and service and merchandise items to the same service and merchandise items. Our funeral directors are available to provide and explain a complete itemized list of charges for pre-need or at-need services. To make an appointment, please e-mail us at or call our Government Street location at 225/383-6831 or our Florida Street location at 225/272-9950.
Our On-line Selection Room is divided into three sections: Traditional Burial Selections, Cremation Selections and Graveside Selections.

Rabenhorst displays a large selection of caskets, cremation urns, stationery selections and other funeral-related products at both locations, some of which are not shown here. To see a 360-degree view of one of our selection rooms, click here. After you have selected your preferences in our Selection Room, be sure to return to the Plan a Funeral page to take the next step in completing the process.

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