A Tribute to Remember

In today’s digital age, funeral homes have begun offering video tributes as a way to encapsulate someone’s life through photography. Included in our services’ fee for most selections, is the funeral director’s time to help you create one of these remembrances. The director will take the photographs that a family has collected and assemble them chronologically to a musical background. A typical video tribute lasts two to five minutes and can utilize up to 35 photographs. Good selections usually include family photographs of relevant relationships and important life events—births, marriages and holidays.
The video tribute is posted on an individual’s page in the Current Obituary section of this web site and may also be reviewed at the service. It automatically passes with the obituary notice to our Obituary Archives where it is alphabetically arranged to be accessible at any time in the future. Click here to see an example of a video tribute from our archives of Rabenhorst Funeral Homes.
Our funeral directors also can offer suggestions to the family about ways to personalize the viewing area for any of our visitations or services. We can provide easels and memorial tables to help families display photos, mementos and other items that reflect a more personal and meaningful tribute. These personalization services are included in each of our Basic Services of Funeral Director & Staff categories for either burials or cremations.
For veterans, flags are available for displaying at the services, or in the home.