Generations of Support

Each December, an adult grief support group sponsored by the Grief Recovery Center offers a balloon release. Each participant sends their loved one a message that may never have been said during their lifetime.

Funeral directors at Rabenhorst are sensitive to the needs of the grieving family and friends. It is an important part of our tradition. We strive to help every family through this difficult process, with gentleness, kindness and dignity. For those persons, who continue to have difficulty after the death of an important person in their lives, group therapy is recommended. These courses are designed to help survivors recover from their grief and return to full lives again. There is no charge for participants in any of the programs listed in this section.

Adult Bereavement Support Groups
Rabenhorst Funeral Homes began sponsoring the first Adult Bereavement Support Group in Baton Rouge over 20 years ago. That successful program, which continues on Mondays at the Grief Recovery Center, 4919 Jamestown Avenue, Suite 101, is facilitated by licensed, certified social workers. The non-profit service has expanded offering several different support groups and workshops during the course of the year. Most recently, the center has begun sponsoring two concurrent, 10-week sessions for children and their adult caregivers in the spring and fall.

To learn more about the support groups offered and meeting times visit, and or contact them at 225-924-6621.

Survivor Support Groups
The Crisis Intervention Center of Baton Rouge is now holding Suicide Survivor Support Groups for family members of victims of suicide. For more information on the program, go to , or call Margo Abadie at 225-924-1431.

Grief Support and Advanced Directives
Rabenhorst Funeral Homes provided an initial grant to Hospice of Baton Rouge, to help operate The Five Wishes living will program. Hospice of Baton Rouge began offering home care for the terminally ill in 1984, making it the oldest provider in our area. Also, it is the only non-profit hospice provider in the Baton Rouge area, and a Medicare/Medicaid-certified organization.

Today, Hospice of Baton Rouge continues this vital service, while also providing loss, grief and bereavement support and assistance with the formulation of living wills and advanced directives. For more information, contact Florence Scarle at or call 225/767-4673.