A Time for Peace of Mind

Senior citizens appreciate the
benefits of our Single Premium
life insurance policies.

Kenny David, C. P. C.
Insurance Agent and
Pre-Arrangement Specialist

Persons over 55 years of age appreciate the many advantages offered by our Single Premium insurance policies. That's because these policies offer immediate peace of mind. Our flexible payment plans can be made with a single premium, or spread over one year to five years.

Kenny David, a certified pre-need consultant by the National Funeral Directors Association, says the peace-of-mind factor is immediate and overwhelming for customers. “Never in 25 years of selling this product have I ever had someone later say they wish they hadn’t made his or her pre-arrangement,” David explains. “And, after a death occurs, pre-arranged families will comment to the funeral director that the pre-arrangement made the whole process go “much more smoothly.”

If you would like to get pricing information or record your wishes, go to Plan a Funeral. Or, if you would rather have Mr. David explain all Single Premium policy’s terms and receive some help filling out the forms, contact him at 225-272-9950 or at kdavid@rabenhorst.com.

Instant Peace of Mind

These Single Premium participating life insurance policies provide you with protection in the following ways:

  • You avoid family confusion and emotional overspending at a difficult time.
  • Your personal wishes are fulfilled in a more self-directed way.
  • Reduction of Assets. Premiums made to life insurance policies, which are used to pay for funeral services, may qualify as legitimate ways to reduce family assets. The reduction of assets could help families preserve their wealth by qualifying and meeting federal guidelines for Medicaid or nursing home care. (Rabenhorst Life Insurance Company cannot offer tax or financial advice on this topic, but can direct you to elder law or estate planning attorneys. We suggest you discuss any reduction of assets issues with an attorney or financial planner as a way to conserve a family estate for later, necessary  expenses.)
  • Premium payments can be made monthly, over a period of one, three or five years utilizing convenient mail-in envelopes or bank draft payments.
  • Policy is "Participating," meaning the insured is eligible to receive dividends.
  • Good health means you'll receive a Standard Classification and ensures full benefits immediately.
  • Special Graded Plans mean there are no age or health restrictions. We can find a policy that meets your individual needs and offers minimum death benefits. Issuance of the policy may depend upon only two answers to the health questions set forth in the application. They would be: Have you been diagnosed with a terminal illness? Or, are you an hospital-assigned patient?)
  • Policies Allow for Flexible Dividend Growth. Our tax-free plans allow for flexible dividend growth in the form of paid-up additions.
  • Policy Face Values of up to $25,000 are available.
  • Non-Forfeiture Values are included and guaranteed.
  • Transferability means the cash benefits of this policy are good for use at any funeral home, anywhere. And your wishes transfer, too.
  • Locally owned and operated means your questions and claims are handled promptly.
  • A Question of Reputation. Persons in both of our companies are active members in the Louisiana Insurers Conference, the Life Insurers Conference, Selected Independent Funeral Homes and the National Funeral Directors Association.  Baton Rouge residents have trusted our funeral home for over 145 years and our life insurance company for over 80 years.

Rabenhorst Life Insurance Company is domiciled and licensed within the State of Louisiana to sell life insurance. Rabenhorst Funeral Home, L. L. C., and Rabenhorst Life Insurance Company are Louisiana companies sharing a common ownership.