Generations to Protect

Sometimes following the death of a close friend or family member we first consider pre-arranging a funeral. For a brief period, we pull away from today’s demands and understand the importance of addressing one of life’s certainties.

By pre-arranging today, you remove a difficult burden from your family’s shoulders tomorrow. Establishing your personal wishes can only make the eventual funeral easier and more meaningful for your family. Pre-arranging also means that all of your affairs are in order.

Discussing your pre-arrangement ideas with one or more family members gives them an opportunity to offer their thoughts. Listen carefully and consider their suggestions because your funeral will most directly affect them.

To start the process, go to Plan a Funeral. Or, if you would rather have an insurance agent fill out the forms, answer questions and guide you through the entire process go to Staff & Appointments.

This conference with a pre-need counselor could be held in your home, where family records are handy. Use this opportunity to ask as many questions as necessary. An open discussion will lead to the choices necessary for making a tribute that is appropriate and personal.

Also, you can provide helpful pre-arrangement information that will direct your family regarding your wishes by going to Pre-arrangement Form. This important record can be saved on your computer and printed as a record for your family. It also is placed in our permanently maintained pre-arrangement files.

If you are interested in pre-funding your pre-arrangement with a life insurance policy, consider the increasing benefits of our Single Premium Life Insurance Policies. We also have provided more information about other ways to protect your family from final expenses in the Other Insurance Products and put you in touch with an insurance agent at Staff & Appointments.

We also have a brief Life Insurance Company History and a Frequently Asked Questions section on pre-arrangement funeral plans.

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