Your Wishes Carried Out

Today’s generations—whether X’s, Boomers or Big Band, have an easier way to take care of one of life’s most difficult tasks—on-line. Rabenhorst Funeral Homes has assembled the necessary forms, prices and payment options that you’ll need to plan a funeral, either for a pre-arrangement plan or an at-need service.

Our goal is to make funeral expenses and the entire process more transparent—with no confusing terms or hidden fees. By understanding how to plan a funeral, Baton Rouge residents will have a workable game plan for ensuring that their personal wishes will be fulfilled.

1. Getting Started

Most people have definite ideas about the type of funeral they want—cremation or burial. If you do not, or if you would like to compare the available options of each, Funeral Options will help you decide.

2. Prices

If you already have an idea of the type of funeral you want, our Selection Room provides current pricing information for necessary funereal merchandise and services. By selecting your personal choices from these items, you will receive a printed estimate with line-item costs and a price total.  Your plan can be saved online by entering your e-mail address or by saving it as a pdf. Our funeral directors are available to provide and explain a complete itemized list of charges for pre-need or at-need services. To make an appointment, please e-mail us at or call our Government Street location at 225/383-6832 or our Florida Street location at 225/272-9950.

3. Payment Options

Now, that you have an idea of costs, pre-funding your pre-arrangement with a life insurance policy will ensure that it will become a reality some day. To find the right insurance policy for your personal situation, click on Payment Options.

4. Wishes

If you’ve ever sat in a funeral director’s office after the death of a loved one, you know that there are necessary forms that must be completed. Our Pre-Arrangement Form is long because, once finished, it contains all of the necessary information that a funeral director would need to conduct a service, obtain a death certificate and write an obituary notice,

Because you might not be able to finish the form at one sitting, it can be saved for later completion. It also is printable and automatically stored in the funeral home’s database.

5. Staff

If you would rather have an insurance agent help select the right insurance policy for your personal situation, go to Staff & Appointments. An insurance agent will review your funeral wishes, match your personal situation with an appropriate insurance policy, answer any questions that you might have and initiate the policy. This conference with a pre-need counselor could be held in your home, where family records are handy.

He can also help you fill out the pre-arrangement information form and guide you through the entire process.

Now that you have completed all five steps in Plan a Funeral, sit back and enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that your last wishes will be fulfilled. Most importantly, your family won’t have to make difficult decisions at an unhappy time.

Rabenhorst Life Insurance Company is domiciled and licensed within the State of Louisiana to sell life insurance. Rabenhorst Funeral Home, L. L. C., and Rabenhorst Life Insurance Company are Louisiana companies sharing a common ownership.