Generations of Caring

All funeral homes are not created equal. Of the major funeral homes in Baton Rouge, only Rabenhorst is locally owned. As a member by invitation of Selected Independent Funeral Homes, we uphold the highest standards of professional business practices.

Rabenhorst's facilities are operated by a staff dedicated to ensuring that services run smoothly. Over the many years, thousands of families have written cards and letters of appreciation to our staff for helping them through the process. It is gratifying for us to know that such generosity of spirit is expressed at a time of great personal loss.

A recent questionnaire prepared and tabulated by Selected Individual Funeral Homes found that 99 percent of respondents were satisfied with the level of service they received and would recommend Rabenhorst to their family and friends. To learn more about the survey, go to Family Feedback.

Our funeral directors are viewed as important members of the Rabenhorst extended family. Together, they have hundreds of combined years of funeral experience and routinely participate in continuing education. Several of our staff members have received awards, such as Outstanding Funeral Director of the Year by the Southeast Louisiana Funeral Directors’ Association. Each year, the association selects “a dedicated funeral director, who exemplifies high standards, ethics and the special responsibilities required for the profession.”

Frequently, the funeral director may offer suggestions to the family about ways to personalize the viewing area for any of our visitations or memorial services. They also advise and work with a family to produce an on-line video tribute that honors a family member’s life.

In the biographies below, we have cited quotes that family members have provided, expressing their appreciation of an individual staff member’s sensitivity. Since 1866, we’ve maintained this tradition of caring and trust.

It’s the value of a Rabenhorst service.

President of Rabenhorst Funeral Home, L.L.C

Vice President of Rabenhorst Life Insurance Company

Family Feedback — "Mr. Rabenhorst, I want to personally let you know what an incredible staff you have at Rabenhorst on Government Street. My entire family, for as long as I can remember, has gone to Rabenhorst Government."

Secretary-Treasurer of Rabenhorst Funeral Home, L.L.C

Secretary-Treasurer of Rabenhorst Life Insurance Company

Family Feedback — "Karen, I want to thank you for the extraordinary manner in which arrangements for Mom’s service were handled.

Vice President of Rabenhorst Funeral Home, L.L.C.

President of Rabenhorst Life Insurance Company

Family Feedback—“Dear David, I am sending thanks of my family concerning the death of my dear wife…Every person from Rabenhorst that we dealt with, from the first two, who came to the house to the last limo driver that took us back to the church, was completely courteous, concerned and...

Vice President of Rabenhorst Funeral Home, L.L.C.

Rabenhorst Life Insurance Company

Family Feedback—“Scott, I wanted to express our appreciation for the extraordinary efforts that you, personally, and the members of your staff made in connection with the funeral of our father.

General Manager of Rabenhorst Funeral Home, L.L.C.

Family Feedback—“Everything was perfect. Could not improve on anything because Steven Newman was the most attentive person and met all of our needs. Very impressed!!”


Manager of Rabenhorst East

Family Feedback—“The pre-arranged funeral was such an advantage for our family. Kenny David was a great help in our decisions and David Ducote, our director, did an outstanding job in making our loved one’s funeral so beautiful. He helped us tremendously through this difficult time.”

Licensed Funeral Director & Embalmer

Family Feedback—“Ronnie Brocksmith always takes very good care of our family during our difficult times.”


Licensed Funeral Director & Embalmer

Family Feedback “They showed great respect and feeling in the removal of my husband’s body from our home. They were extremely accommodating in “presenting” him for friends and family to view before the cremation.”


Licensed Funeral Director & Embalmer

Family Feedback—“Bud Goings took excellent care of us. He was extremely kind and helpful.”


Licensed Funeral Director & Embalmer

Family Feedback—“His exceptional attention to every detail and to every request that we made was truly extraordinary…he went back to the cemetery a few days after the service and, with a single assistant, personally shoveled the excess dirt from the grave site and beautifully manicured the...

Licensed Funeral Director & Embalmer

Family Feedback—“Thank you and all of the Rabenhorsts’ personnel for accommodating my family and me with the arrangements for my husband. Even though we put the viewing together quickly and it was held so late in the day, you graciously gave us the time we needed to mourn.

Licensed Funeral Director & Embalmer

Family Feedback—“We appreciated Mr. Kenneth Parker’s understated and helpful assistance with my mother’s arrangements. He seemed always beside me if there was a question…or if a need arose.”


Licensed Funeral Director & Embalmer

Family Feedback—“Our funeral director, Peter, was very professional and understood our situation and worked well within our budget. Peter was exceptional. He could not have done a better job. Our situation was a little odd and the entire staff worked well and graciously with us.”