Pre-Arrangement Form

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The information below is here to assist you in making some difficult decisions for your family. No one will call you as a result of filling out this information unless you indicate that you would wish him or her to do so.

This form is long because once complete, it contains all of the vital statistics and family history that a funeral director would need to conduct a service, write an obituary notice and secure a death certificate. If you are unable to finish the form at one sitting, it can be saved for later completion. While the required fields are indicated by an asterisk, *, many of the other fields are extremely important in establishing your personal wishes.

You may also complete the first two sections, Personal Information and Vital Statistics, and then send it to us with a request to have us help you complete the form and offer funding information on life insurance.

Once you have completed your pre-arrangement form, we recommend that you print it. Then, keep a copy in a safe place and inform a close friend or relative about the arrangements you've made and where the information may be found.

Rabenhorst Funeral Homes will keep a permanent record of this information in our pre-arrangement files. A completed form, containing all family and life history, becomes an effective tool and may be updated at any time.

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