Generations of Insurance Protection

For over a century, the Rabenhorst family has provided an increasing spectrum of funeral services--from pre-arrangement consultation to grief support. The family's second generation of funeral home owners, brothers Alvin E., and Oscar F., grew up helping their parents by caring for the funeral home's horses and stables.

As adults, they brought the family business into the 20th century. During the Great Depression, the brothers became concerned as funeral expenses began to exceed the average family's ability to pay.

Alvin E. Rabenhorst, early 1900's

Oscar Rabenhorst

The Rabenhorst family responded to this growing public need by providing families with an affordable way to pay for increased costs. In 1932, they established Rabenhorst Life Insurance Company, originally called the Mortuary Benefit Association. As a result, Baton Rouge families could better plan for the inevitability of death. Since that time, Rabenhorst Life Insurance Company has continued to offer pre-need protection and self-determination of wishes through life insurance.

Both Alvin E. Rabenhorst, with his young son, Alvin P., became instrumental in establishing a strong foundation for the life insurance company,

Alvin P. Rabenhorst

Alvin P. Rabenhorst, seen here as a young man, had entered the business in 1940 after graduating from Louisiana State University. At the time, he was responsible for setting up a more modern system of accounting and financial management for the funeral home.

After service in World War II, Alvin P., returned home to become financial manager for Rabenhorst Life Insurance Company. He was an officer and principal owner for both companies, and responsible for financial and investment decisions for many years. He also served as president of the funeral home until his retirement in 1993.

Today, Rabenhorst Life Insurance Company is managed by his children-- Phil, David and Scott Rabenhorst and their sister, Karen Rabenhorst Kerr.

A fourth generation of Rabenhorsts--Phil, Karen, Scott and David manage the operations of Rabenhorst Funeral Homes and Rabenhorst Life Insurance Company.

When considering pre-arrangements, remember that both Rabenhorst Life Insurance Company and Rabenhorst Funeral Homes are locally owned. That means your family’s wishes are honored by two family-owned companies, located right here in Baton Rouge.

Rabenhorst Life Insurance Company is domiciled and licensed within the State of Louisiana to sell life insurance. Rabenhorst Funeral Home, L. L. C., and Rabenhorst Life Insurance Company are Louisiana companies sharing a common ownership.