Graveside Service

Some families have personal reasons to forgo any church service or visitation at the funeral home. In these cases, our funeral director can still make all the necessary arrangements for a service to be performed at the burial site. These services may include arranging transportation, coordinating events at the cemetery and contacting any members of the clergy, if desired.

With cremation, you also may consider a burial service of the cremated remains at a cemetery or family burial site. This final disposition can accompany the many choices offered with a traditional visitation or a memorial service. When the cremated remains are interred in a family plot, they can be buried or placed in a niche. Sometimes a small marker or plaque can be added to an existing family member's grave marker. For some, having such a permanent place for the remains provides an important emotional function in the healing process.

The choices for final memorialization options can be viewed at our Selection Room on our web site, or by visiting our selection room at either Rabenhorst location.