Generations of Choice

It used to be that there were two basic choices when planning a funeral: the traditional service, including visitation and burial, or direct cremation. At Rabenhorst, we provide all the options necessary to assure you a personalized and meaningful funeral service for your family.

The four main choices for families are:

Families may also orders flowers online by clicking on Floral Selections.

Our funeral directors can offer suggestions and answer questions to help you make the right choice for your family. Not only is the funeral service a way for families to say goodbye, it also helps them to confront the reality of death. Our funeral directors have a tradition of guiding families through this difficult process of closure, while assisting them with necessary decisions.

A look at our Selection Room Section will introduce you to the variety of possible selections relating to caskets, vaults, cremation urns, memorial plaques and other items of memorialization that we offer.

Adding photos, objects and memorabilia, as in this example from our selection room, are ways to personalize any funeral service option.