Generation of Resources

Personnel with Rabenhorst Funeral Homes conduct tours of their facilities for interested groups. Representatives of the funeral home and of Rabenhorst Life Insurance Company also are available to explain a variety of topics to interested organizations, associations and groups. The variety of topics may include: What to Expect During the Funeral Process; Writing an Obituary; Steps to Pre-plan a Funeral; and other topics.

The staff at Rabenhorst Funeral Homes expresses pride that over the years it has become a community resource for questions about death and dying, historical records and other information. A typical question: 'Can I be buried on my childhood farm in the country?'

What is your question?

Let us answer your questions. If you would like to ask a particular question about funeral arrangements, e-mail us at If you would like to find out more about funding your pre-arrangement through a life insurance policy, e-mail us at

Generations of Information

Rabenhorst Funeral Home, L.L.C., is a longtime member of Selected Independent Funeral Homes (Selected), a professional association with more than 1,500 independently owned funeral homes worldwide. Selected membership is offered by invitation only to those funeral homes that best uphold the organization's high standards of funeral practices and services.

Rabenhorst also is a member of the National Funeral Directors Association, an organization with 21,400 individual members, representing over 12,500 funeral homes in the United States.

Information from both associations has been used to develop our Frequently Asked Questions at locations in the Funeral Service Options, Cremation, Pre-Arrangement Services and Grief Support sections. We hope that these sections will answer most of the questions that you may have regarding these topics.

However, additional information can be found at each of the associations' web sites. For example, the following topics can be found at

  • Arranging a Funeral
  • Step-by-Step Funeral Guide
  • Finding a Funeral Home
  • Independent Funeral Homes vs. National Chains
  • Being a Smart Consumer: What You Should Know
  • Your Grieving Experience - What You May Expect
  • Ways to Cope with Grief
  • A Friend's Guide to Funeral Services
  • Walk-in Card - A Practical Check List
  • Funeral Services by Religion, including: Bahai, Baptist, Buddhist, Christian Scientist, Episcopalian, Greek Orthodox, Hindu, Hmong, Islam, Jehovah's Witness, Jewish, Latter Day Saints/Mormon, Lutheran, Methodist, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Protestant, Roman Catholic, Scientology, Seventh Day Adventist.
  • "The FTC Rule": Part 453 Funeral Industry Practices
  • Comments of National Selected Morticians to Trade Regulation Rule on Funeral Industry

NFDA has additional information at Topics include:

  • Why a Funeral
  • Arranging a Funeral
  • Understanding Grief
  • Why Preplan
  • Thinking About Cremation
  • Types of Losses
  • Discussing Death with a Child
  • Types of Tributes
  • Long Distance Arrangements
  • Death from a Terminal Illness
  • Coming to Terms with Suicide
  • When Your Parent Dies
  • When Your Child Dies
  • Surviving a Spouse or Partner
  • Death of a Co-Worker
  • Coping With Death

Free Brochures

Rabenhorst also offers the following brochures:

  • Pre-Planning Guide - This 12-page booklet includes a medical identification and emergency contact billfold card; an information form of vital statistics, possessions & other data; an insurance information page; a personal wishes form for funeral directives, including service details, further instructions and significant personal life events; a form to list the names, addresses and telephone numbers of important relatives and friends; helpful information for the family regarding social security, veteran's benefits and probate regulations; and three copies of a pre-arrangement request form--one for the family, one for the funeral home and another for an attorney.
  • A Journey Through Grief - This brochure series offers insight and explanations to help with some of the most difficult grief experiences, including sudden death.
  • A Helpful Guide to Funeral Planning - Produced by Selected Independent Funeral Homes, this brochure offers advice on selecting a funeral director; pre-arranging a funeral; the role of the clergy; funeral merchandise and costs; disposition alternatives; and a number of other topics.
  • Grief Recovery Center's Brochure -Information on the Center's workshops, support groups, and community service programs.  Support Groups are facilitated by professional members of the staff under the direction of Kathy Vilas, JD, LCSW.  
  • The Five Wishes - Hospice of Baton Rouge provides this easy-to-use brochure, which enables individuals to address their personal, emotional, spiritual and medical wishes in advance of serious medical conditions. The brochure, once completed and witnessed, is a legally binding document. This Living Will, is recognized in 36 states and the District of Columbia. The booklet is produced by Aging with Dignity and is made available at no charge by Rabenhorst and Hospice of Baton Rouge.

To receive one of the above brochures, e-mail us at Please provide your name, mailing address and the name of which brochure you would like to receive.