Pre-Arrangement Answers

Why Pre-arrange?
Pre-arranging a funeral service offers great emotional and even financial security for families. When pre-arranging, families find comfort in knowing that the funeral reflects the wishes of their loved ones. It also gives the individual the peace of mind and knowledge that his or her family will not have to make important decisions at a stressful time.

What are some other benefits of advanced funeral planning?

  • Assures you that your personal wishes and preferences for funeral services are known.
  • Helps settle any differences that may arise within a family about the type and cost of funeral services.
  • Allows you to meet with a representative from the funeral home and ask questions about service options, including the value of a complete funeral service and its benefits in the grieving process.
  • Reassures survivors that your wishes were carried out
  • Assures that your family knows exactly what to expect at the time of death.
  • Allows you the comfort of being able to choose your own funeral home.
  • Eliminates the thought of emotional overspending at a difficult time.

What should I do before pre-planning?
When considering prearranging, you should contact one of our insurance agents or funeral directors. Together or individually, they can walk you through the pre-arrangement process. An insurance agent familiar with pre-arrangements can be contacted for an appointment in your home at while a funeral director can be reached at

What information should I know before I pre-arrange my funeral?
The following checklist will help plan a pre-arrangement, (excluding funeral merchandise.)

  • Place where service will be held
  • Name of clergy to preside over service
  • Type of music desired
  • Special musical selections
  • My feelings about having a visitation
  • Name of pallbearers
  • Any memorial contributions
  • Personal items to be selected (clothing, glasses, jewelry, etc.)
  • If veteran, flag on casket or folded?
  • Location of cemetery property and deed
  • You can make these decisions by filling out our Pre-Arrangement Form.

Where should I place my pre-arrangements?
Once you’ve made your prearrangement, keep a copy of your plan and any pertinent paperwork in a safe place. Also, inform a close friend or relative about your pre-arrangement and where the information may be found. You also can make your selections on our Pre-Arrangement Form section and then print it out as a record. Rabenhorst Funeral Home will also keep a permanent record of this information in their pre-arrangement files. If you are interested in funding your pre-arrangement with life insurance, contact an agent at Rabenhorst Life Insurance Company at 225-387-0171 or at

What if I am not ready to fund my pre-arrangement?
Pre-funding is not required, but an option that many individuals find helpful. By filling out the Pre-arrangement Form you are under no obligation, but have taken the first step towards peace of mind.

How do I know my pre-arrangements will be available for review when needed?
Rabenhorst Funeral Homes maintain a permanent record of pre-arrangement files that can be accessed by funeral home personnel.

How do I file an insurance claim to help pay for a family member's service?
Our funeral directors can advise you.

What should I do when I am ready to fund my pre-arrangement?
If you believe pre-funding is wise for you, then be sure to examine all available options with one of our life insurance agents or funeral directors. An insurance agent can be contacted for an appointment at while a funeral director can be reached at

What are the options for funding my pre-arrangement?
If you are interested in funding your pre-arrangement with life insurance, e-mail us at , or by calling 225-387-0171.

What if I move, can the benefits from my life insurance policy be used at another funeral home?
Yes. Rabenhorst Life Insurance Company will pay the attained value of a pre-need insurance policy to use for services at another funeral home anywhere in the country or world. However the beneficiary must direct the company to release the policy's funds.

How do I know if the pre-arrangement life insurance policy I currently have is enough?
With longer life expectancies, you should remember to ask about all the factors of funeral pre-planning. Many persons already have existing coverage, but it is limited. Our life insurance agents can offer advice on combining and upgrading that coverage to better serve the needs of today and those in the future.

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