Generations of Appreciation

“The funeral director was very thorough and covered everything with sensitivity and sincerity. It is very hard to think at this time.”

This response is typical of many who relate their experience with a staff member at Rabenhorst Funeral Homes.  Many go on to say that they have never appreciated these qualities as much at any other time of their lives.

For over 145 years, thousands of Baton Rouge families have thanked us for our help. And hundreds have expressed their appreciation by writing us thank you cards. What we always find amazing is that such generosity of spirit is expressed at a time of great personal loss.

In 2010, Selected Independent Funeral Homes, SIFH, began sending questionnaires and tabulating results for its many members, like Rabenhorst Funeral Homes. In the Baton Rouge area, the questionnaires went to persons who had a family member’s service conducted at Rabenhorst between March 2010 and February 2011.

Over this one-year period, 222 persons rated their experiences at our funeral home. Once SIFH tabulated the results, it found that 99 percent of respondents were satisfied with the level of service they received and would recommend Rabenhorst to their family and friends.


Respondents were equally impressed with the staff’s performance in individual categories and rated their satisfaction on a scale from 1 to 5 with 5 being excellent.

Service Rated Rating (1 to 5 scale) - Annual Average
Overall rating of services 4.94
Sensitivity of the Funeral Director 4.91
Courtesy of Staff Overall 4.94
Information Provided for Decision Making 4.90
Initial Contact (phone, e-mail, visit) 4.95
Freedom and Time to Make Decisions without Pressure 4.94
Overall Impression of Ceremony 4.92

Now, family members have the opportunity to complete this survey online at When a family receives a hardcopy survey in the mail, he or she may log in to the survey. The code can be found in a box in the upper right-hand corner of the mailed form.  There is one login code per family member.

When your family is involved, remember that our staff is driven to win your trust by striving to get everything right. In so doing, the funeral experience is as stress free as possible for the families we serve. Since 1866, we’ve maintained this tradition of caring and trust. It’s the value of a Rabenhorst service.