Generations of Commitment

"Construction is finished!" 1932
The Government Street location became the first facility in the city constructed solely to accommodate funeral services.

The faithful maintenance of both the interiors and exteriors of its facilities has been part of the funeral home's history for over 135 years. Just recently, the interiors at both locations were tastefully updated and re-decorated. We also responded to a growing preference in the community to make our facilities smoke-free.

Rabenhorst Funeral Home, L. L. C., has also received a Landscape Excellence Award from the Baton Rouge Landscape Association for its commitment to developing and maintaining attractive landscapes at both of its locations.

For a family expecting a large attendance of over 300 people, this chapel at Rabenhorst East offers the necessary space for a comfortable visitation.

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For services in which a smaller attendance is expected, a more intimate space can be provided like this smaller chapel at Rabenhorst's Downtown location.

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Both locations of Rabenhorst Funeral Home have newly designed Selection Rooms, where families can make comparisons of merchandise, either for an at-need service or for pre-need planning purposes. Information on Funeral Goods & Services can also be found on our site at Selection Room.

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The Rabenhorst family began operating a well-maintained automotive fleet of professional vehicles as the new mode of transportation spread. Shown here is Baton Rouge resident Melvin Mutt, who is standing near an early hearse owned by the funeral home. The body of the vehicle was custom made by Oscar Rabenhorst in the early 1920's and then placed on the chassis of a Ford automobile.

Today, this tradition continues as part of the quality service that Baton Rouge families have grown to appreciate.

An Early Horseless Hearse, circa 1920's
From the 1930's, a fleet of Cadillacs can be seen pulling out of the new funeral home on Government Street. Another fleet from the past, circa 1960's